First Impressions of Yangon

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First Impressions of Yangon
  1. Oh, yeah, I’m in a third world country.
  2. Nothing is as easy to find as the guidebook makes it seem.
  3. People are really nice and helpful to a strange foreigner who doesn’t speak their language.
  4. Monks are EVERYWHERE.                                        446
  5. $10/minute seems like a bargain when you really, really need to call home.
  6. The sidewalks are piles of rubble with patches of open sewer. No one seems to mind.
  7. I’m not sure most of these people have ever seen a white woman before. At least, not one traveling on her own. People stare openly.
  8. The food stalls on the street smell amazing, but I haven’t been brave enough to try anything yet. I’m starving.
  9. It’s hot. Really, really hot.
  10. I have no idea what time it is.
  11. Shwedagon Paya, covered in 11 tons of pure gold and thousands of carats of diamonds and rubies, is right outside my hotel room window. Next to it are shacks without electricity or running water where people sleep on the floor.

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